What we believe:

Our mission is to present the diverse, intellectually engaging and language-rich work by female- identifying artists. We seek to develop and produce productions that attempt to make the world better through artistic interrogation. We do not limit the subject matter of the plays we produce but rather seek to elevate the voices of underrepresented female artists by providing them with first productions and crucial development opportunities. We are drawn to bold works that contain empathy and complexity, and, as a small company, we are committed to the curation of brave and progressive work, pinpoint what the female-identifying artist needs to best manifest their ideas and work towards that goal. By continuing to shine a light on under-represented artists we can give these incredible artists crucial support and raise the artistic standard of American theater. 

We fell in love playing opposite each other in Bekah Brunstetter's Oregon Trail at the Women's Project with Fault Line Theater. Emily played THEN JANE on the Oregon Trail two hundred years before NOW JANE whom Liba played in the contemporary world. Every night we got to look into each other's eyes and sing the song "Amazing" by Aerosmith. So, of course, we fell in love and started writing plays together. 

How we met:

Come see us in The Russian & The Jew at the Tank this December.